No matter how loving you and your spouse are towards each other, there is bound to be disagreement every now and then And as you increase communication with your spouse, arguments will happen.

You may wish you could turn back the clock over and over again. Hopefully, humour can keep the argument from exploding out of control. If not, misunderstandings and fights tend to occur with greater frequency.

Despite the inevitability of an argument, some things should never be said. Here is a list of 10 of them.


“I WANT A DIVORCE” While the coals of temper are ablaze, it is easy to say things you do not mean. Asking for divorce, though, even if amends have been made and forgiveness, requested, is a difficult thing to erase. It brings a lack of confidence in one another.

“I’M NOT ANGRY” If you are not angry, then why are you making snappy remarks, slamming the door, putting her down and pretending that she does not exist Denying your emotions will not help you in any way. We desire acceptance, and denying your reactions with those that love you is pointless. It is better to control your emotions and talk about what bothers you instead.

“YOU ARE JUST LIKE YOUR FATHER!” When you say this, you are probably talking about your father-in-law’s defects, rather than his good qualities. Besides not seeing your husband for who he really is, this type of statement will immediately make him take the defensive. Think about it. What would you like your child to be doing in a similar situation, when that day arrives

“YOU ARE A (INSERT NEGATIVE ADJECTIVE)!” Name-calling is ugly. Whether it is comparing her with someone you know or making her feel worthless, it will make her feel more vulnerable.

“LOOK, THE KIDS ARE CRYING!” STOP! Before you read any further, always remember: You should never, ever, argue in front of your children. If you use your children to gain advantage in a fight, it will only hurt your kids more.

“YOU ARE ALWAYS LATE, YOU NEVER DO THE DISHES” Be wary of and even remove the words “never” and “always” from your vocabulary when describing something your spouse does that irritates you. By using these words, you show total lack of confidence and hope that your partner even has the desire to change. Never generalize.

“IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!” Rarely, in fact, almost never is something, in a marriage, only one partner’s fault. Assume responsibility and recognize your own faults.

“YOU DON’T LOVE ME ANYMORE!” There is already plenty of drama to go around, so why add to it by telling your wife how she feels whether she loves you or not Respect her feelings. Making yourself the victim, reducing the problems importance and avoiding the problem does not resolve anything.

“WHY DON’T YOU ACT MORE LIKE (INSERT NAME HERE)’S HUSBAND” Do not compare the person you chose to be with to anyone else. You already saw and understood the best and the worst about him before you got married. Besides, if you see someone else looking perfect and desirable, it’s probably only on the outside. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Keep your problem at home.

“MY MOTHER WARNED ME ABOUT THIS!” Bringing someone else into the fight is complicated enough as it is. Make that person your mother and the whole situation will probably explode. If you are so devoted to your mother, and if she had warned you about this, then why did you marry your wife in the first place Most people already don’t like their mother-in-laws, but telling your wife that she is disliked by your mother will only make matters worse.

Now, just because you have used one or more of the phrases listed above, all is not lost. You can change. Stop now, ask for forgiveness, and set goals to stop repeating the mistake.

No article, paper or manual can help you save your marriage or strengthen your family if you do not apply what has been taught. Practice good communication. Your marriage is the most important relationship to keep strong, in order to maintain your family unity.


5 WAYS To Make Your Dream A Reality

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will”…Vince Lombardi

It is true that everybody has a dream, everybody wants to make their dreams a reality, but they do not know how to make it happens.
So, follow me as I tell you some stuff that you need to make your dream a reality.

  1. HAVE THE WILLINGNESS: You cannot do what you are not willing to do, and be successful in it. You need to have the willingness to do anything that can make you achieve your goals.
  2. PREPARE FOR OBSTACLES: Yea! You will need to make up your mind that you are ready to face and conquer any obstacles on your way to success.

  3. HAVE A ROLE MODEL: To hasten the realization of your dream, you need to have someone you can call your role model and vow to be more successful than your role model.

  4. THINK LESS, ACT FAST!: Action is the speaker of a thought if you don’t act on your thought you might end up being a dreamer.

  5. DO NOT SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESSER TO YOUR DREAM: Make your dream your priority, no other options should entice you. Talk about your dream and exhibit the enthusiasm that you can make good things out of your dream.

The sky is not your limit, it is the starting point for you never give up!

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If kisses Were Water I Would Give You The Sea

If kisses were water, I would give you the sea. If hugs were leaves🌿, I would give the forest🌳🌲.If friendship was life, I would give you mine💞. Quite simply, I love you. This is Family Week. Post this message to your family 👪 and friends  and me🙋.If 3 come back.. you’re adorable,5 means you’re loved.I LOVE YOU☺ … Distance makes me miss you. I may not always stay in touch but I care about you very much.I may not always stop by to say hi😀, but I hope to never have to say goodbye🙋. I may not prove to be the perfect family 👪 OR friend  but I hope the friendship we share never reaches an end. Send to people 👭 who mean the galaxy🌠🌋 to you,I just did. I want this poem back. You are my family 👪 till the end. Now let’s see if you can get ten.


Anger is one of the most powerful things that God created with human being. Nobody is void of Anger, it is just that the percentage of your anger might be different from mine. Yours might be 70% while mine may be 95% but, there is no other name for it other than ANGER.
Getting angry always is either to make things work out well as we want it to be or make things worse.
To avoid getting angry at every little things, here are some things you need to know.

  1. See Anger As The Instrument Of Devil
    I believe you are not a newbie to the teachings of anger as one of the tools use by devil to dsestroy what is good in the life of human being.
    So, if you continue to see anger as the instrument of devil, you can control yourself by avoiding it totally.
  2. Prepare Your Mind For It
    Try not to assume that everybody knows you and what you like or do not like should be known by them.
    You are only yourself and the only one that can understand yourself. So, by preparing your mind every minutes that there is probability for someone or something to make you angry,will help you to know how to handle it when it finally happens.

  3. Don’t Forget Your Smile
    One of the things that makes you attractive to people is you ‘smile’ . If you are a person that smiles everytime, you will not be easily annoyed by everything because you’ll be concious of not letting people see the. Other side of you.

  4. Let People Know What Annoys You:
    Sometimes telling people what you don’t like helps in overcoming your anger. Tell them ‘ I don’t like this thing you’e doing’. That will make them not to try it with you again. Even if it’s your partner in your relationship, let him/ her know what makes you mad anytime it shows up. Remember that creating awareness helps a lot in overcoming your anger.

I guess I have to give it a pause here, maybe in later time I’ll continue with this very pressing topic. But! Wait! I have a task for you, thought not a very big one but, you can help me by sharing this with your friends so that you can help someone to know how to handle their anger.

Don’t forget to ask God for His divine support for you to overcome your ANGER.

Feel free to share this as long as you can.

Obama Hosts Congress Leaders After Elections

Obama hosts Congress leaders after elections – Three days after his party’s stinging midterm election defeat, President Barack Obama hosted congressional leaders at the White House, vowing to embrace policies untainted by partisanship. “The American people just want to see work done here in Washington. I think they’re frustrated by the gridlock,” Obama said on Friday in a White House dining room where more than a dozen congressional leaders were seated. Americans would … http://ow.ly/2QmxJP

Kogi Immunises Three Million Against CSM says The Commissioner

The Kogi Commissioner for Health, Dr. Idriss omede, said on Saturday that about three million people were immunised against Cerebro Spinal Meningitis during the 10-day campaign in the state.

The commissioner said this while addressing health workers and some officials of the World Health Organisation on the campaign in Lokoja.

Omede, who said the target figure for the campaign was 2.9 million, added that the final figures showed that the exercise was successful.

He commended the health workers for their mobilisation, hardwork and commitment in ensuring the success of the programme.

Omede urged them to continue to maintain the spirit and further improve the health status of the people in the state.

He enjoined health personnel in the local government areas of the state to measure up to the standard expected of them.

He expressed gratitude to Dangote cement company, Obajana, Kogi, for its support to the programme.

Rolling Stones Cancel Australian Concert: Jagger Sick

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Rock legends The Rolling Stones have canceled a Nov. 8 Australian concert after lead singer Mick Jagger was diagnosed with a throat infection, promoters said.

Tour promoter Frontier issued a statement on their website saying the 71-year-old Jagger was under a doctor’s strict order to rest his vocal chords for the next few days to recuperate for the remainder of the tour.

“The Stones are incredibly disappointed to cancel the Hanging Rock gig & to disappoint their fans,” the Rolling Stones tweeted on Thursday.

Earlier this year the band was forced to cancel their Australian tour following the death of Jagger’s girlfriend L’Wren Scott when she was found dead in a New York apartment.

The rescheduled ‘The Rolling Stones-14 on Fire’ tour started in South Australia on Oct. 25, the canceled concert was to be the fifth of nine concerts in Australia and New Zealand.

The concert was due to be performed on Saturday at Hanging Rock, 80 kms (50 miles) north of Melbourne in the state of Victoria. Ticket holders have been offered a refund.

Hanging Rock was the bush site of an Australian mystery in which a group of female students vanished in 1900. A novel about their disappearance called “Picnic at Hanging Rock” was later made into a critically acclaimed movie by director Peter Weir.

The next Stones concert is scheduled for Sydney on Nov. 12.

(Reporting by Pauline Askin; Editing by Michael Perry)

UN To Probe Dafur Alleged Of Rape 200 Women

UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, on Friday, Ms Zainab Bengura, has expressed the world body’s readiness to investigate an alleged mass rape of 200 women and girls in Darfur.

Notice of the investigation was contained in a statement by Bengura in New York.

She said the act took place in a town in the North region of Darfur and urged the government of Sudan to “allow immediate and unhindered access for an investigation.’’

The envoy said the African Union-UN Hybrid Operation in Darfur should also be given access by the government of Sudan.

Bengura believed that this would enable the UN to investigate and verify whether the incidents reported in the town of Tabit occurred and if they did, there was the need to ensure accountability.

She called on humanitarian actors to ensure “appropriate services’’ for survivors.

“It is critical that in the process of verifying the facts, the safety of survivors is of paramount concern,’’ the envoy stated.

She reaffirmed the support of the UN to Sudanese authorities to address any incidents of conflict-related sexual violence in a comprehensive manner.

Bangura said her office was ready to cooperate with UNAMID, in line with the UN-backed African Union Framework of Cooperation on Prevention of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence in Africa.

Source: The Punch